Golf Academy                                                 


Welcome to The Academy at Trump National Golf Club

Take your game to the next level! 


The world class facility at Trump National Golf Club is second to none, offering a double-sided practice tee, two short-game improvement areas, and three practice greens.  And, with the Pacific Ocean providing a stunning backdrop, it provides some mental inspiration as well.  Players that seek to improve their game are looking for answers that our qualified professionals can provide. 

At Trump National we use methods that are easy to understand and even easier to carry out.  Tailored performance plans for each individual include physical, mental, nutritional, equipment fitting, and course management principles for success.  We teach golfing motions designed for the golfer on an individual basis.  We take the physical portion of golf seriously and our team will identify improvement opportunities and map out a game plan to unlock your true potential.


Teaching Philosophy


How a teacher approaches their craft directly affects the success of their students. At The Academy at Trump National our Instructional Specialists understand that a great teacher never stops learning. Our continuing efforts to grow as instructors has influenced some of the best teachers in the field of instruction. We work hard to alleviate the stress and frustration that most golfers encounter throughout their golfing experience. Our instructors thrive and excel because they love what they do and are always professional. We pride ourselves on being great communicators. We believe positive reinforcement builds true confidence.

  • Changing Perceptions and Misconceptions, this opens a players mind to the possibilities of playing better golf
  • Without solid fundamentals there is no need to work on advanced technical movements
  • Teach students that a golf swing without manipulation is one that will be consistent and hold up under pressure
  • Shifting weight correctly directly affects the proper sequencing of the downswing
  • The rotation of the body plays a significant role in the golfing motion yet people do not understand how to incorporate this movement
  • Communication is the key to progression
  • Elevate the students golfing IQ
  • Practicing correctly will produce great results, practice with a purpose
  • Acknowledging physical and mental limitations and striving to remedy these faults
  • The analytical mind does not carry over to the enjoyment of the game
  • Above all else, golf is a game that should be enjoyed



  • Every student must learn the nine ball flight laws
  • All aspects of the game are important
  • Video is an essential visual aid, but it should be used only for necessary reasons
  • Physical Screening (TPI) Titleist Performance Institute. This ensures a good starting point for the student and teacher to devise a game plan for future success
  • The student should progress before the next lesson
  • Every lesson should include interaction with the student
  • Setting golfing goals
  • One or two drills are given each lesson to ensure proper practice