Instruction Specialists

Kris Brown
Director of Instruction / Lead Instruction Specialist
Ph: 310-303-3209      
Fax: 310-265-5522
[email protected]

Kris Brown is the creator of the Academy at Trump National, his vision and creativity enhanced an instruction layout called the (Teaching Carousel) a seventy session program and teaching philosophy that is considered to be the bench mark for the elite instructor.  He believes there is a sequential order to the learning process mentally and physically.  If done correctly the player will not only exceed their expectations but improve at a quicker rate.  He graduated from the Golf Academy of America with an emphasis in Golf Complex Operations and Management with an Advanced Players Credential. Kris is one of a hand full of people in the world who are certified in 10 TPI certification levels of the Titleist Performance Institute.  This includes Advanced Instructional Techniques, Fitness, Nutrition, Biomechanics and Advanced Junior Techniques.  Studying and learning human Motor Skill Development and Neuroscience have increasingly helped Kris to understand where you can succeed in the process and progress comfortably at your desired pace.  Kris and his team don't only help you improve your golf game, they ensure that you lead a better life. His vast knowledge and communication skills help students understand and appreciate how to play the game correctly. Kris helps his students elevate their golf IQ, practice correctly, and develop a golfing motion without manipulation. Kris' experience allows him to teach a multitude of personalities and skill levels including: (Men, Women, and Juniors)  beginners, intermediate, high school, college and professionals. Kris continues to personally train all Instruction Specialist on staff.  He believes that to truly help the modern golfer, an instructor can't simply pass on instructional techniques out of a book, they must have knowledge in a variety of areas and understand what the word teaching emphasizes.


Joey Lewis, PGA
Instruction Specialist
Ph: 310-303-3242
Fax: 310-265-5522
[email protected]

Joey Lewis, a Florida Gulf Coast University - Professional Golf Management Program Graduate, is a PGA accredited Golf Professional. His passion for golf and dedication to the game is exemplified through his teaching. Joey is also a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Instructor, which is a culmination of 11 years of research on all skill levels of golfers in the world. This knowledge can be directly applied to you and your ability to generate a successful, repeatable golf swing. Joey has worked alongside Master Professional and Golf Digest's Top 100 Instructor, Grant Rogers.