Performance Plans

The Performance Plans are structured series of lessons designed for the skill level of the player.  Each Performance Plan was created for a specific reason, to develop the essential Building Blocks which in turn advance the progression from one step to the next.  Just as there is a proper sequencing to the golfing motion there must be a set path for the learning process.  How the student processes information will directly affect how the body will produce motion.  A player can only improve through structure and a firm understanding that the efficiency of the process is the driving force for success.  Regardless of the Performance Plan chosen, the short game is the platform of the first Building Blocks.  To truly be consistent the player will not have a short and long game motion, they will have one motion. 

All of the following Performance Plans Include:

  • Reduced Green Fees, Practice Tee, Handicap, and 15% off Merchandise in Golf Shop
  • Short Game Area Access
  • Golfing History, Medical History, Exercise History
  • Setting Golfing Goals  
  • Academy Hat & Alignment Stick               
  • Physical Screens, Video Analysis, Bio-Mechanics
  • Proper Drills and Practice Sessions
  • Self Diagnosis                  
  • E-Mail Video Lesson Summaries
  • Game Rating System
  • Mental Profile / Optional
  • Player Profiles

(Customized Plan)

If you like to be more involved or the plans below don't fit your current expectations and goals, then working with one of our Instruction Specialist to create a personal Performance Plan is for you.

(The Art of Scoring) 7 Session Program / $700 – 7 Hours

This plan is for players looking to elevate their short game skills from within 100yds.

  • Sessions 1 Hour
  • Learn Short Game Fundamentals
  • Master all Short Game Shots
  • Learn to Control Ball Flight & Ball Spin
  • Short Game Skills Testing
  • Visualization Testing
  • Learn Visual Techniques
  • Video Analysis
  • Equipment Fitting (Taylor Made)
  • Knowledge of Putter & Wedge Design
  • On Course Short Game Skills Testing (Playing shots from 100yds and closer until ball is in the hole) (Last Session of Performance Plan)




    (Casual Learning / Group)
    6 Session Program – 6 Hours / $250 per Student (2-4 Students per Session)

    This plan is for people who want to learn golf with others in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

    • Sessions 1 Hour
    • Tailored Instruction for Skill Level
    • Introduction to the Fundamentals
    • Learn Short Game Basics & Fundamentals (Driver, Putting, Chipping, Wedges & Bunker Play)
    • Learn Rules & Etiquette


      (Build a Game)
       7 Session Programs / $700 – 7 Hours

      The Build a Game series consist of ten Performance Plans which are seven sessions each, reaching a total of seventy sessions.  The students journey will start with the original name of Build a Game 1.0 and finish with Build a Game 10.0.  As the student progresses each Performance Plan will focus on a variety of diverse goals such as instruction, fitness, nutrition, self diagnosis, proper drills, building practice sessions, and motor skill learning.

      • Sessions 1 Hour
      • Tailored Instruction for Skill Level
      • Instruction - Game Assessment, Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Wedges, Bunker Play, Full Swing Irons & Woods
      • Introduction to Fundamentals and Advanced Fundamentals
      • Introduction to Basics of Motion and Advanced Motion
      • Learn Rules & Etiquette
      • Video Analysis & Bio-Mechanics
      • Pre-Shot Routine 
      • Equipment Fitting & Current Club Assessment
      • Reading Greens
      • On Course Instruction
      • Physical Evaluation, Website Built for each Participant to Access all their Physical Data, Complete Exercise Program Design and Practice Workout Session, Fitness Support, Full Access to Titleist Performance Institute Website