Any type of clinic can be created or personalized to meet the needs of all group sizes. Clinics will be posted on our calendar under Instruction Reservations or contact Kris Brown (310) 303-3209 [email protected]

Corporate / Outing and Special Events

Why host an event?

A successful event can help further a potential business relationship or simply strengthen existing ones. Our peaceful, fun and relaxed atmosphere will help your clients appreciate the lengths your company is willing to go to ensure good business. We offer a multitude of golf programs specifically designed for your networking needs. Whether the level of player is beginner or advanced, our tools will help make the game of golf more enjoyable.


  • Full Swing and Short Game Instruction
  • Video Analysis
  • Equipment Fitting Evaluation
  • Group and individual Instruction
  • On-Course Instruction
  • Staff Training Events
  • Team Building
  • Contest (Prizes & Awards)
  • Instruction Literature
  • Certification
  • Sales Incentives
  • Fundraising & Charity Events
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Demonstration & Participation Clinics


We believe in the growth of the women's game. Learning the game of golf with other women who are looking to have fun has never been easier!

Program Objectives:
  • Tailored Instruction for Skill Level
  • Perfecting the Foundation of Golf (Fundamentals)
  • Learn Rules & Etiquette
  • Most Important, Having Fun!

Short & Long Game

Throughout the year different topics will be introduced and discussed in full detail. Learn secrets on all aspects of the game. Below are a few subjects introduced in our Program:

Short Game

  • Putting Secrets
  • Scrambling Techniques
  • Mastering Wedges
  • Bunker Techniques Proven for Success
  • Drills
  • How to Practice Correctly

Long Game

  • Fundamentals
  • Ball Flight
  • Shaping the Ball for Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Transition (Kinematic Sequence)
  • Weight Transfer & Balance