Many junior golf programs are developed with an adult mindset.  At the Academy at Trump National we understand what kids want and how to let them excel at their own pace.  All juniors are different physically and mentally, which means we cannot teach kids typical adult routines.  Golf must be taught in a specific manner which allows kids to express themselves through physical motion.  For a junior to reach their true potential they must first learn basic movement skills, which translate into sports-specific-skills.  The order of this process is vital; kids who learn to focus solely on the golf swing will become one-dimensional.

Why do kids want to play sports?

  • Fun, friends, feels good
  • Fit in - feel like they belong
  • To do something they are good at

Why do kids not want to play sports?

  • Not fun, forced to play, teasing
  • They do not excel, they never win
  • Fear of failure, too much pressure
  • Placed into competition too soon


Junior Summer Camp

The Junior Camp focuses on having fun while learning the basics of the game. We build each junior's confidence while stressing the fundamentals. Learning the game correctly creates consistency while eliminating bad habits. Although our juniors learn together, our staff tailors individual instruction to match the students personal needs. Our purpose is to ensure all juniors have a great experience!

  • One Week Camps Available
  • Monday-Friday (9:30am-12:00pm)
  • Classes are 2 1/2 Hours
  • Beverages Provided
  • June / July / August 

Long Term Athletic Development

This extensive program runs all year. There is no exact start date; juniors can begin at any point in time they choose. This program is designed for ages 5-11. The Long Term Athletic Development approach focuses on having kids perform age-appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize athletic performance. What this means is kids learn the proper skills geared towards their personal athletic development. Learning a motor skill does not happen immediately. For example, becoming a great pianist happens over a period of time; golf is no different.