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45 Min Lesson


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Junior * 








All aspects of the game can be improved (Full Swing, Short Game, Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Wedges, Green Side Bunker & the Mental Game)

* Junior 13 years & younger


On Course Instruction

Learning the game of golf on the course is a valuable tool that most players overlook.  The technical swing is a small part of the equation, thus a beautiful swing doesn’t necessarily mean lower scores on the course.  There are many aspects a player must learn about their personal game before transferring themselves into an efficient golfer. 

We train golfers in the following areas:

Golf Temperament

Pre-Round Preparation 

Post-Round Evaluation

Shot-making and Short Game

Course Management

Game Management

Play with the Pro

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a great player, or simply play with a personable Golf Professional? Well now is the time.  Golfers enjoy playing with our Professionals because of the fun, relaxed atmosphere they experience during their playing experience. 

9 & 18 Hole Available

Equipment Fittings

Having the right equipment in your hands is essential.  Club design has advanced dramatically over the years.  Equipment is supposed to work for you, not the opposite.  While many players believe they are the main cause for inconsistencies in accuracy and ball contact, this is not always the case.  Any player that has not had a fitting is playing at a huge disadvantage.  The best players in the world understand they must have the correct equipment to play their best, so shouldn't everyone? Our fitting specialists will identify improvement opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

Made by Appointment


(Single Fitting)
(Combination Fitting)
(Full Fitting)


Fittings focus on the following:

Driver, Hybrids, Irons, & Wedges
Trajectory (Ball Flight)
Correct Shaft, Head & Ball Combinations
Spin Rate (Ball Spin)
Enhancing the Player's Fitting & Club Design IQ