Our approach to the game of golf stems from an understanding that a person must learn and embrace golf mentally before mastering the physical golfing motion. Many believe the game of golf is incredibly complex and at some facilities that may be true, but not ours. We believe the fundamentals of golf are priority number one, and this belief sets the tone for what will be an experience that allows your body to move gracefully, with precision and power.

Our instructors knowledge and experience allows each student to learn and evolve at their own pace. All golfers need some type of direction, and our instructors will guide each student to identify their specific needs and goals.

Each instructor has complete experience in all aspects of the game; mental, physical, club fitting and advanced instructional techniques. We have incorporated mental techniques that have helped players of all skill levels achieve their goals. This extensive program allows a student to learn about their current physical aspects, and then design an exercise program to strengthen key areas of the body.

  • Performance Plans
    • The Performance Plans are structured series of lessons designed for the skill level of the player. Each Performance Plan was created for a specific reason, to develop the essential Building Blocks which in turn advance the progression from one step to the next. Just as there is a proper sequencing to the golfing motion there must be a set path for the learning process. How the student processes information will directly affect how the body will produce motion. A player can only improve through structure and a firm understanding that the efficiency of the process is the driving force for success. Regardless of the Performance Plan chosen, the short game is the platform of the first Building Blocks. To truly be consistent the player will not have a short and long game motion, they will have one motion.

      All of the following Packages Include:

      • Reduced Green Fees, Practice Tee, Handicap, and 15% off Merchandise in Golf Shop
      • Short Game Area Access
      • Golfing History, Medical History, Exercise History
      • Setting Golfing Goals
      • Proper Drills and Practice Sessions
      • Self Diagnosis

      (Customized Plan)

      If you like to be more involved or the plans below don't fit your current expectations and goals, then working with one of our Instruction Specialist to create a personal Performance Plan is for you.

      (Scoring Package) 7 Session Program / $700 – 7 Hours

      This plan is for players looking to elevate their short game skills from within 100yds.

      • Sessions 1 Hour
      • Learn Short Game Fundamentals
      • Master all Short Game Shots
      • Learn to Control Ball Flight & Ball Spin
      • Short Game Skills Testing
      • Visualization Testing
      • Learn Visual Techniques
      • Equipment Fitting (Taylor Made)
      • Knowledge of Putter & Wedge Design
      • On Course Short Game Skills Testing (Playing shots from 100yds and closer until ball is in the hole) (Last Session of Performance Plan)

      (Casual Learning / Group) 6 Session Program – 6 Hours / $250 per Student (2-4 Students per Session)

      This plan is for people who want to learn golf with others in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

      • Sessions 1 Hour
      • Tailored Instruction for Skill Level
      • Introduction to the Fundamentals
      • Learn Short Game Basics & Fundamentals (Driver, Putting, Chipping, Wedges & Bunker Play)
      • Learn Rules & Etiquette

      7 Session Programs / $700 – 7 Hours

      This Package will focus on a variety of diverse goals such as instruction, fitness, self diagnosis, proper drills, building practice sessions, and motor skill learning.

      • Sessions 1 Hour
      • Tailored Instruction for Skill Level
      • Instruction - Game Assessment, Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Wedges, Bunker Play, Full Swing Irons & Woods
      • Introduction to Fundamentals and Advanced Fundamentals
      • Introduction to Basics of Motion and Advanced Motion
      • Learn Rules & Etiquette
      • Pre-Shot Routine
      • Equipment Fitting & Current Club Assessment
      • Reading Greens
      • On Course Instruction
  • Clinics
    • Any type of clinic can be created or personalized to meet the needs of all group sizes. Clinics will be posted on our calendar under Instruction Reservations or contact Joe Lewis (310) 303-3242 [email protected]

      Corporate / Outing and Special Events

      Why host an event?

      A successful event can help further a potential business relationship or simply strengthen existing ones. Our peaceful, fun and relaxed atmosphere will help your clients appreciate the lengths your company is willing to go to ensure good business. We offer a multitude of golf programs specifically designed for your networking needs. Whether the level of player is beginner or advanced, our tools will help make the game of golf more enjoyable.


      • Full Swing and Short Game Instruction
      • Equipment Fitting Evaluation
      • Group and individual Instruction
      • On-Course Instruction
      • Staff Training Events
      • Team Building
      • Contest (Prizes & Awards)
      • Instruction Literature
      • Certification
      • Sales Incentives
      • Fundraising & Charity Events
      • Photographer & Videographer
      • Demonstration & Participation Clinics


      We believe in the growth of the women's game. Learning the game of golf with other women who are looking to have fun has never been easier!

      Program Objectives:
      • Tailored Instruction for Skill Level
      • Perfecting the Foundation of Golf (Fundamentals)
      • Learn Rules & Etiquette
      • Most Important, Having Fun!

      Short & Long Game

      Throughout the year different topics will be introduced and discussed in full detail. Learn secrets on all aspects of the game. Below are a few subjects introduced in our Program:

      Short Game

      • Putting Secrets
      • Scrambling Techniques
      • Mastering Wedges
      • Bunker Techniques Proven for Success
      • Drills
      • How to Practice Correctly

      Long Game

      • Fundamentals
      • Ball Flight
      • Shaping the Ball for Pinpoint Accuracy
      • Transition (Kinematic Sequence)
      • Weight Transfer & Balance
  • Juniors
    • Philosophy

      Many junior golf programs are developed with an adult mindset.  At Trump National we understand what kids want and how to let them excel at their own pace.  All juniors are different physically and mentally, which means we cannot teach kids typical adult routines.  Golf must be taught in a specific manner which allows kids to express themselves through physical motion.  For a junior to reach their true potential they must first learn basic movement skills, which translate into sports-specific-skills.  The order of this process is vital; kids who learn to focus solely on the golf swing will become one-dimensional.

      Why do kids want to play sports?

      • Fun, friends, feels good
      • Fit in - feel like they belong
      • To do something they are good at

      Why do kids not want to play sports?

      • Not fun, forced to play, teasing
      • They do not excel, they never win
      • Fear of failure, too much pressure
      • Placed into competition too soon

      Junior Summer Camp

      The Junior Camp focuses on having fun while learning the basics of the game. We build each junior's confidence while stressing the fundamentals. Learning the game correctly creates consistency while eliminating bad habits. Although our juniors learn together, our staff tailors individual instruction to match the students personal needs. Our purpose is to ensure all juniors have a great experience!

      • One Week Camps Available
      • Tuesday-Friday (2:30am-4:30pm)
      • Classes are 2 Hours
      • Soft Drinks & Snacks Provided
      • June / July / August 

  • Individual Plans
    • 45 Min Lesson


      Joey Lewis

      Keith Murakami

      Robert Handy






      $70 $70 $70

      On Course Instruction

      Learning the game of golf on the course is a valuable tool that most players overlook. The technical swing is a small part of the equation, thus a beautiful swing doesn’t necessarily mean lower scores on the course. There are many aspects a player must learn about their personal game before transferring themselves into an efficient golfer.

      We train golfers in the following areas:

      • Golf Temperament

      • Pre-Round Preparation

      • Post-Round Evaluation

      • Shot-making and Short Game

      • Course Management

      • Game Management

      Play with the Pro

      Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a great player, or simply play with a personable Golf Professional? Well now is the time. Golfers enjoy playing with our Professionals because of the fun, relaxed atmosphere they experience during their playing experience.

      9 & 18 Hole Available

      Equipment Fittings

      Having the right equipment in your hands is essential. Club design has advanced dramatically over the years. Equipment is supposed to work for you, not the opposite. While many players believe they are the main cause for inconsistencies in accuracy and ball contact, this is not always the case. Any player that has not had a fitting is playing at a huge disadvantage. The best players in the world understand they must have the correct equipment to play their best, so shouldn't everyone? Our fitting specialists will identify improvement opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

      Made by Appointment

      (Single Fitting)
      (Combination Fitting)
      (Full Fitting)

      Fittings focus on the following:
      Driver, Hybrids, Irons, & Wedges
      Trajectory (Ball Flight)
      Correct Shaft, Head & Ball Combinations
      Spin Rate (Ball Spin)
      Enhancing the Player's Fitting & Club Design IQ

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